Very (short)handy

Special outlines

There are words and turns of phrases so common that it makes sense to have succinct versions of them, even by the standards of Teeline. These abbreviated - or sometimes straight up symbolic - words are called special outlines.

Here are a few examples:

Teeline shorthand outline for 'ladies and gentlemen'
Special meaning
ladies and gentlemen
Teeline shorthand outline for 'on the other hand'
Special meaning
on the other hand
Teeline shorthand outline for 'government'
Letter grouping
Special meaning
Teeline shorthand outline for 'satisfactory'
Special meaning

Imagine how much longer it would take to write those out fully, even in Teeline. When you’re desperately scrawling down a statement those fractions of a second will be invaluable.

There is no real trick to special outlines. Of course it doesn’t hurt to understand why it represents what it represents, but the main thing is that they are remembered. It’s with special outlines that it’s especially important to revise. When you hear ‘ladies and gentlemen’ the special outline should come instinctively.